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A New Look at Apprenticeships as a Path to the Middle Class

Have you heard of a 4-year college program that imparts valuable skills that make you instantly employable and pays you upwards of 50,000 dollars a year? The Apprenticeship School at Newport News, Virginia (USA) is one such program...

Five key qualities companies look for in an apprentice

What are the qualities employers look for in apprentices? First and foremost, you must be willing to learn - although this goes without saying,...

Why a Major Hotel Chain Is Offering Apprenticeships

Think of the word “apprentice”. What’s the image that springs immediately to mind? Apprentices today span a gamut of industries including the hospitality industry,...

The Increasing Importance of Apprenticeships

The youth of the United Kingdom are starting to feel the effects of Brexit, as some UK businesses relocate to elsewhere in Europe. The...

Apprenticeships in healthcare: six things you need to know

What does it take to succeed in apprenticeships in healthcare? Are you looking for information on how you can apply and how much you...

Engineering Apprenticeship – the go-to path for an Engineer

Contrary to popular belief, an engineering apprenticeship does not require prior education or experience and it is primarily meant for people who have lost their jobs and are considering other careers...

University v apprenticeships: Choose the right career option for you

School leavers often feel at a crossroads after finishing A-levels. Read More

Apprenticeships opening doors to women

Women are sometimes hesitant to pursue science and engineering subjects. But efforts are being made by both government and industry to get women interested in STEM subjects. The view that apprenticeships are mainly a masculine domain is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

University Vs Apprenticeships – 5 reasons why one of them is better!

Is university the natural progression for everyone? Is this the best route to tread? Well, one recent statistics shows that half of university graduates...
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