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Apprenticeships – solution to America’s skill problem

The U.S. has to get serious about technical training. Very few policy ideas excite both parties in this period of political polarization. Apprenticeship and the...

University Vs Apprenticeship

 Sky News spoke to Dedipya and Serenna, who both secured roles at technology giant IBM through different routes. Continue Reading    

Leveraging on German dual education, stressing on the job learning for improving employability

The German dual system offers an excellent approach to skill development, covering initial vocational education and training Continue Reading

Employment- The much needed ultimate student learning outcome

Let's not bury the lead: when student learning outcomes (SLOs) align with skills that employers seek from new hire candidates, recent graduates can achieve...

Degree apprenticeship and degree can be equal

Degree apprenticeships are a genuine game changer and should not be viewed as the poor relation of academic education, writes Pearson College London's Ben...

Finding right talent is like kissing many frogs to find Prince Charming

Most Indian employers don’t know the work of Nobel laureate Peter Diamond’s work on search costs in labour markets. Continue Reading  

Apprenticeships are more than just trades. Options are beyond the regular brick and mortar...

Young people and school leavers opting for an Apprenticeship over university Continue Reading

AICTE efforts to make engineering graduates employable

The IT industry is going through a difficult time, and big companies are taking drastic measures

Are apprentices accepted in industry as graduate?

Findings indicate a surge in the popularity of apprenticeships Continue Reading

Skilled youth, all dressed up but no where to go

Realising the need for getting nation’s millions of unemployed youth Continue Reading
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